Introduction to Adult and Paediatric Emergencies

Fundamental skills in assessing and treating emergencies


Introduction to Adult Emergencies / Introduction to Paediatric Emergencies

How we approach the management of the seriously ill child / adult in the first few minutes may significantly determine their chances of survival, risk for complications, and long-term disability. In seriously ill we are frequently required to commence management before we have a diagnosis or had the opportunity to complete a thorough clinical assessment.

In these two courses, one focusing on the adult and the second on the child, we consider :

  1. The basic principles for the immediate assessment and intervention in the seriously ill patient with a focus on identifying life threatening complications affecting the airway, breathing and/or circulation

  2. Introduce the procedures for basic airway management and assisted ventilation, vascular access and management of the choking child

  3. Basic Life support with the aim of teaching and assess competency in the delivery of adult / paediatric basic life support