Bedside Blood Gas Interpretation

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Clinical Blood Gas Interpretation

Latest Course update: January 2017

Interpreting blood gases is a tricky business. In this course, we will put aside the complex physiology and focus on the clinical approach to blood gases. During the course, we discover a few simple rules that assist with the bedside interpretation of acid base disorders. The rules guide us to recognising the presence of an acid base disorder, naming the acid base disturbance(s) and providing a differential diagnosis for the disorder.

The course differs from others on the LearnEM website. It is a "mastery course" and is delivered in a series steps. At each step there is a short video that explains a concept followed by a series of case examples provided in the form of (quiz) questions. The aim at each stage is to become confident (i.e. achieve mastery) of the concept before moving to the next step in the course. Each quiz provides you with the opportunity to practice a specific skill essential for blood gas interpretation and it is through this repeated practice and mastery of the process that you will become a "Grand Master" in the art of blood gas interpretation.

Outline of the course

1. Basic Principles

2. Blood Gas Patterns in Acid Base Disorders

3. The Body Fights Back: Compensation in Acid Base Disorders

4. Respiratory Compensation in Metabolic Disorders

5. Renal Compensation in Respiratory Acid Base Disorders

6. Toward the Climax of the Blood Gas Drama

7. Respiratory Acidosis – Acute, Chronic, or Mixed Disorder? 

8. Differential Diagnosis of Acid Base Disorders

9. The Ultimate Acid Base Experience!

Information about the Course

  • Designed for medical officers, nurses, paramedics and students in all medical fields

  • CME hours: Certified for 10 hours of continuing medical education

  • CPD accreditation: RACGP, ACRRM

  • Duration of enrolment: 12 months (commences from the date of course enrolment)

  • CPD Certificate is provided with successful completion of the course

ACRRM Accredited CourseCourse Accreditation


    • Course Code: 8384

    • Points Allocation: 30 PRPD Points

RACGP Accredited ActivityRACGP

    • Activity Number: 88777

    • Points Category: Category 1

    • Points Allocation: 40 Points