EMET Workshop Pre-learning : Eye / ENT Emergencies

Eye emergencies are common presentations to acute care. The patient with a "Red eye" is one of the most common eye presentations. Causes vary widely from mild self limiting disease through to disease that may cause loss of sight in one or both eyes. It is not uncommon for serious disease to be missed in patients and a careful history and examination is essential. In this topic we explore a series of clinical cases that illustrate the differential diagnosis and management of the red eye.

There are a wide range of ENT emergencies that may present to the emergency department. In the pre-learning we focus on one of the most common and difficult ENT emergencies, the patient with epistaxis. Patients may present with bleeding that ranges from the trivial through the life threatening. In this topic we examine the causes of epistaxis and consider the approach to assessment, resuscitation, management and investigation in the patient presenting with uncontrolled epistaxis.