LearnEM - Bedside Emergency Ultrasound Workshop (2) - FAST / eFAST

Emergency Ultrasound Program

Workshop (2) : Using Ultrasound in Trauma - the FAST / eFAST exam

Latest Course update : August 2016

The following modules explore one the most common uses of ultrasound in acute care - the assessment of the patient with  a history of trauma looking for clues to the presence of intra-abdominal bleeding (due to abdominal trauma), examination of the pericardial space for haemopericardium / pericardial effusion and examination of the thoracic cavity for the presence of pleural effusion, pneumothorax or haemothorax

Course Outline :

  • 1. Ultrasound in Trauma : The FAST scan

  • 2. Ultrasound of the Lung : The eFAST scan

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This course is part of a blended (online- workshop) program providing hands-on training and simulation in bedside ultrasound. The course is open to medical officers, nurses, paramedics and students and will be of most relevance to Rural GPs, GP / ED Registrars, ED CMOs and Training medical officers.