Pre-learning - Obstetric Essentials 2017

Pre-learning for the LearnEM Workshop on Obstetric Essentials

Latest Course update : June 2017

The workshop is designed for the nurse, rural practitioner or ED doctor and explores many of the life threatening (and frightening) obstetric emergencies that may present and require immediate management. Topics include emergency delivery, obstetric complications in early and late pregnancy and the post natal period and resuscitation of the neonate.

Prelearning course Outline :

  • 1. Emergencies in Early Pregnancy

  • 2. ED Assessment and Management of Pre-Eclampsia / Eclampsia

  • 3. Assessment and Management PV Bleeding in Late Pregnancy

  • 4. Managing Delivery in the Emergency Department

  • 5. Managing the Patient with Post Partum Haemorhage

  • 6. Neonatal Resuscitation

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