LearnEM - Bedside Emergency Ultrasound Workshop (3) - Ultrasound procedures / RUSH

Bedside Emergency Ultrasound (3)

US Guided Procedures - Introduction to the RUSH examination

Latest Course update : August 2017

The course introduces the core principles and knowledge required for the use of ultrasound in the assessment of the acutely ill patient with shock and the ultrasound of ultrasound for emergency procedures.

The first section introduces the RUSH examination and focuses on ultrasound assessment of the IVC to assess circulatory volume. In the second section we examine the use of ultrasound for examining the heart and the ultrasound findings associated with poor left ventricular contractility, pericardial tamponade and right ventricular outflow obstruction. In the third section we explore the application of ultrasound to assist IV Cannulation and Suprapubic catheterisation

Course Outline :

  • Rapid Ultrasound in Shock (RUSH) Protocol

  • Ultrasound of the Inferior Vena Cava

  • Introduction to Cardiac ultrasound : Parasternal Long Axis, Subxiphoid and Apical Windows

  • Ultrasound Guided Procedures