ALS Masterclass Pre-learning (2017)

ALS Masterclass Pre-Learning

Please note: Access to the online course is restricted to participants registered for the ALS Core Workshop

Latest Course update: August 2017

The ALS Masterclass is delivered using a combination of online learning of core material with a hand's on skills/simulation workshop. The course covers basic and advanced life support, assessment and resuscitation of the critically ill patient and emergency airway and ventilation.

Course Learning Objectives

At the completion of the ALS Masterclass, participants will be able to demonstrate competency in the application of critical thinking and procedural skills to:

1. Structured assessment of the critically ill or deteriorating patient

2. Recognition and emergency management of immediate life threats to the airway, breathing, circulation and central nervous system

3. Basic and Advanced Life Support in the patient in cardiac arrest

4. Basic Airway Management and the set up for Advanced Airway Management

5. Use of the defibrillator for Pacing and Cardioversion

6. Obtaining vascular access using the intraosseous drill and rapid infusor

7. Set up and use of the Oxylog ventilator for noninvasive and mechanical ventilation

Please note: Access to the Online Course is restricted to Participants registered for the ALS Masterclass


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