ALS 2 Workshop - PreLearning (2018)

ALS 2 - Pre-Course eLearning (2018)

The ALS 2 course is designed for medical and nursing staff to be re-accredited in the skills required for Basic and Advanced Life Support with a focus on extending the knowledge and skills in Resuscitation/Stabilisation of the Critically Ill or Deteriorating patient. The course is delivered in a supportive learning environment and uses interactive online pre-learning to cover core knowledge skills and a one day workshop for procedural skills and simulation training.

The course is suited to health professionals who wish to extend their knowledge in management of the seriously ill or deteriorating patient in the emergency setting, met call, and rural and remote environment.

Topics covered in the course include include:

  • Re-accreditation of Basic and Advanced Life Support

  • Team-Based Resuscitation Skills

  • Resuscitation and ALS in special circumstances

  • Cardiac Arrhythmias: ECG Diagnosis, Cardiac Pacing, Cardioversion

  • Resuscitation and Stabilisation of the Critically Ill or Deteriorating patient

The ALS course is a blended program. This means that some of the learning is done online (eLearning) and some undertaken face to face in a workshop setting.

Please note access is restricted to those registered for ALS 2 Workshops