RDWA Conference 2018

RDWA Conference 2018

Bedside Ultrasound, Procedural Sedation, Paediatric and Respiratory Emergencies

The RDWA conference is an accredited learning activity for continuing professional development with the RACGP (40 Cat 1 points) and ACRRM (30 PRPD points). Attendance at all four workshops meets the criteria for the Rural Procedural Grant.

Emergency Workshops :

  • 1. Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound

  • 2. Procedural Sedation in Clinical Care

  • 3. Approach to the Seriously Ill Child (Paediatric Emergencies)

  • 4. Respiratory Emergencies in Clinical Care


To meet the criteria for CPD Accreditation with the RACGP and ACRRM the following are required.

1 : Completion of the Pre-Quiz below

2 : Attendance at all four workshops at the RDWA Conference

3 : Completion of the Post conference Reinforcing Activity

Support / Assistance

If you encounter any problems or have questions you may contact LearnEM using the following email address : support@learnem.com.au. You should generally hear back from us within one business day.