Deteriorating Patient (EMET) 2018

EMET Pre-learning: Deteriorating Patient


How we approach the assessment and management of the patient with deterioration may significantly determine their chances of survival, risk for complications and long term disability. In this topic we look at the clinical findings that signal clinical deterioration and developing threats to the life of the individual and then explore the critical thinking required to assess and intervene in these patients.

This course explores the following topics :

  • 1. Systems for recognising clinical deterioration

  • 2. Communication and handover of clinical Information

  • 3. Procedure for assessing the patient with deterioration

  • 4. Recognising immediate threats to the airway, breathing, circulation and CNS

  • 5. Resuscitation of the deteriorating patient with life threatening illness

  • 6. The role of critical thinking in diagnosis of the deteriorating patient