ABCDs of the Critically Ill Child (2021)

Managing the seriously ill child can be one of the most frightening and distressing experiences for the clinician. There are many challenges to assessing and treating the child presenting with serious illness, including recognising the early signs of serious illness, lack of a detailed history and examination, issues relating to patient cooperation, procedural difficulties (eg. obtaining IV access) and physiological challenges (eg. masking of signs of severe illness and risk for rapid deterioration). In this course we explore the immediate assessment and treatment of the seriously ill child and examine the clinical presentation and acute management of 4 life threatening diseases in children.

The course is divided into the following 5 topics:

1. Resuscitation of the Seriously Ill Child

2. Airway: Acute Anaphylaxis

3. Breathing: Acute Severe Asthma

4. Circulation: Paediatric Vomiting and Dehydration

5. Disability: The Fitting Child

Information about the Course

  • Designed for medical officers, nurses, paramedics and students in all medical fields

  • CME hours: Certified for 8 hours of continuing medical education

  • CPD accreditation:┬áRACGP & ACRRM

  • Duration of enrolment: 12 months (commences from the date of course enrolment)

  • CPD Certificate is provided with successful completion of the course

ACRRM Accredited CourseCourse Accreditation


  • Course Code: 19972

  • Points Allocation: 8 Educational Activity PDP units


  • Course Code: 196464

  • Points Allocation: 16 CPD Activity Points

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