RESP23 - Obstetrics Prelearning

ED Obstetrics

RESP Obstetrics : Prelearning

Obstetric and Neonatal Emergencies, Obstetric Ultrasound, Human Factors in Resuscitation

Latest Course update : February 2023

The RESP-Obstetrics course has been developed to review the presentation and management of obstetric and neonatal emergencies and provide opportunities for enhancing skills in the use of bedside ultrasound in obstetric practice. The pre-learning sets the scene for the skills and simulation workshop and explores obstetric complications in late pregnancy and the postnatal period, first trimester ultrasound, neonatal emergencies including newborn CPR and neonatal resuscitation and provides an introduction to the topic of human factors in resuscitation.

Pre-learning Outline:

1. Pre-Eclampsia

2. Antepartum Haemorrhage and PPROM

3. Postpartum Haemorrhage

4. First Trimester Ultrasound

5. Sick Neonate

6. Newborn Resuscitation

7. Human Factors in Resuscitation