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Rural Procedural Grants Program (RPGP)

COVID-19 Temporary Changes


About the Rural Procedural Grants Program : COVID19 Temporary Changes

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Government, in collaboration with RACGP & ACRRM, has put in place a number of revised eligibility arrangements for the RPGP to support GPs during this unprecedented time. This includes the ability to claim for online education for a limited time, and additional Emergency Mental Health funding from 1 July for eligible GPs.

The changes allowing online education to be eligible for the grant is a temporary measure through to the end of 2021 because of COVID-19. Both ACRRM and the RACGP administer the grants program and will have to assess courses for eligibility.

Which LearnEM Courses meet the requirements of the RPG program ?

All of the available LearnEM CPD courses on the site meet the following criteria established for the Rural Procedural Grants Program :

  • CPD activity focused on emergency medicine, anaesthetic, obstetric or surgical procedural upskilling (whichever component of the program you are enrolled in)

  • Relevant in a hospital setting

  • A minimum of four hours

  • Interactive, with an assessment component*

  • A certificate of completion provided at the end of the course**

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Which Courses are also Accredited for CPD points ?

You may choose to do any of the Online courses available on the LearnEM website for the Rural Procedural Grants Program.

If you also want to obtain CPD points with either the RACGP or ACRRM the following course listed below are all accredited for CPD in the current Triennium with both RACGP and ACRRM.

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Paediatric Emergencies in Primary Care

Download Course Program

Medical Emergencies in Primary Care

Download Course Program

ECG Interpretation in Primary Care

Download Course Program

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (CPR)

Download Course Program

ABCDs of Resuscitation

Download Course Program

Emergency Airway Management

Download Course Program

Non-Invasive Ventilation (CPAP/BiPAP)

Download Course Program

ABCDs of the Critically Ill Child

Download Course Program

ABCDs of Behavioural Emergencies

Download Course Program

Procedural Sedation 

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Emergency Obstetrics

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Further Information

Contact details for RACGP & ACRRM:

* LearnEM online CPD courses use interactive case simulations and assessment quizzes that must be completed in order to successfully pass the course and obtain a certificate of completion

** Please note certificates that meet the requirements for claiming the grant are available for download once the course has been successfully passed.

LearnEM provides the most up to date program and information for each course but takes no responsibility for the processing or submission for RPGP claims. It is your responsibility to ensure you confirm with your college that a specific course meets the requirements of the new RPRG rules and which category a course can be claimed under.