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CPD for Medical Officers

ED MOs, GPs, SMPs, Registrars, Junior MOs, Students


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  • EM on the EDGE

    EM on the EDGE

    Accredited by ACRRM (30 Core PDP points & 30 MOPS points, Activity No.17254).

    Please note : This course can no longer be used for Cat One RACGP points as the LearnEM office has closed and points for the course cannot be uploaded to the RACGP website before Dec 31st.

    The Emergency Medicine on the EDGE course is an eLearning resource designed to introduce the core topics in emergency medicine including acute chest pain, headache, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, acute poisoning, first trimester bleeding, serious injury, orthopaedic injury, acute red eye, epistaxis, the sick child, mental health emergencies and managing pain.

    At the end of each module you may access a "topic specific" CPD certificate which identifies completion of 2 hours of CPD. On completing the full course you will receive a "Course Certificate" recognising successful completion of the course accredited for 40 CPD hours.

    CPD : 40 hours (2 hours/module)

    Cost : $9.90 (inc GST) per module

    Enrolment period : 12 months

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  • Medical CPD

    Medical CPD Courses

    A large number of CPD courses are available. Each of the 14 Extended EDGE courses can be undertaken individually and are accessed by first completing the associated EDGE module. Other courses include Advanced life support, Deteriorating Patient, Advanced Airway, Procedural Sedation and Bedside Ultrasound. More topics are due for release later this year.

    The courses are designed for clinicians from diverse range of clinical backgrounds including Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, Rural Practice / Rural Generalist and Remote environments. All of the courses are accredited for CPD points with ACRRM and ACEM and recognised for between 6 -10 CPD hours.  

    The courses are offered in this way to allow you to select the area(s) most relevant to your practice and learning goals.

    Accreditation : ACRRM

    CPD Hours : 6 - 10 hours per course

    Cost : $49.50 (inc GST) per course

    Enrolment period : 12 months

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Register for ACRRM CPD Points

EM on the EDGE is accredited by ACRRM (30 Core PDP points & 30 MOPS points, Activity No.17254).

To claim CPD Points with ACRRM, all 20 EDGE modules must be completed and the certificate obtained for each module. On their own the modules do not meet the minimum requirements for CPD points. Once you have completed the course you may apply for CPD points by completing both the Evaluation and the Reinforcing Activity using the links below.

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Please note you will need to complete and obtain the certificate for all 20 EDGE modules before CPD points may be allocated.


There are 14 Extended EDGE courses that allow the learner to consolidate their skills and knowledge in a specific area of acute care. Each course is linked to an individual EDGE Module that makes up the first section of the course. To complete an Extended EDGE course the learner must complete both the EDGE module and its associated eEDGE course. The full list of eEDGE courses are in the side bar to the right of this page. Each Extended EDGE course is accessed by first completing the associated EDGE module and then enrolling in the respective eEDGE course via a link on the course page of the EDGE module.

CPD Hours : 8 hours per course (includes EDGE module + eEDGE course)

Total Course Cost : $9.90 + 39.60 (inc GST)