EMET Program (SA)

Emergency Medicine Education and Training


Update on the EMET (SA) Program

Celebrating EMET (SA) Achievements for 2016 - 2018

The poster (see link below) provides a summary of the achievements of the EMET (SA) program over the past 3 years.

View EMET (SA) Poster

You are welcome to obtain a full size poster copy for your hospital or emergency department by emailing Michelle Phillips, EMET Program Support Officer :


What is happening with the program in 2019 ?

The EMET (SA) program run through Modbury Hospital has been put on hold for the present time by NAHLN senior management to allow for the implementation of the new Clinical Governance structure.

Since the inception of the program in 2012, LearnEM has been a proud supporter of the EMET programs both in SA and interstate providing (at no cost) its online program and teaching resources to support the development and delivery of EMET programs across Australia.

Unfortunately the recent changes to the governance of the Modbury (NAHLN) program have removed the opportunity for LearnEM to continue its support of EMET (SA). From 2019 LearnEM will no longer be the provider of the online prelearning for EMET (SA) or host the online course program. At the present time it is unclear how this will be replaced but once this is known LearnEM will place a link on this page to enable you to continue to access the high quality and training that is the EMET (SA) program.

Thank you all for you wonderful support for the EMET program over the past 7 years.

Peter Stuart and the LearnEM Team