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EDcare HandbookHow do I Obtain the EDcare Handbook ?

Print Version

A print version is available and may be ordered using the button below. The cost is $28.00 (inclusive of GST) with free delivery in Australia.

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Digital Version

A digital version of the book may be purchased as a Kindle book (for A$3.99) from your local Amazon Website. The book can then be displayed using the Kindle App and used on up to five devices (phone, tablet, computer, laptop).

What's in the EDcare Handbook ?

View EDcare Contents (Click link to view)

The EDcare handbook is an invaluable peer reviewed resource for medical and nursing professionals caring for seriously ill or injured adults and children.

Written by the author of the "ABCDs of Emergency Medicine" and the LearnEM Website, the book contains clinical management summaries designed to provide bedside guidance to the investigation, differential diagnosis and emergency treatment of a wide range of adult and paediatric medical emergencies.

The book is divided into 5 sections covering :

  • Adult and Paediatric Emergencies

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Emergency Drugs and Infusions

  • Paediatric Critical Care

  • Advanced Life Support

You may view a few selected examples below of the summaries

  1. Anaphylaxis (Click link to view)

  2. Burns (Click link to view)

  3. Paediatric Croup (Click link to view)

  4. Diabetic Ketoacidosis (Click link to view)

  5. Epistaxis (Click link to view)

  6. Sepsis (Click link to view)

  7. Tonsillitis / Quinsy (Click link to view)

  8. Intranasal Sedation / Analgesia (Click link to view)

  9. Non-invasive Ventilation (CPAP - BiPAP) (Click link to view)

  10. Sedation in the Agitated Patient (Click link to view)

  11. Drugs /Infusions (example) : Morphine/Midazolam (M&M), Naloxone, Noradrenaline (Click link to view)

  12. Paediatric Resuscitation (Click link to view)

To access all the Clinical Summaries online enrol in the "EDcare Handbook for Emergency Practice" using the link below. There is no cost to the enrolment. Once enroled you may easily access the Clinical Summaries by clicking on the link immediately below"EDcare" heading in the top Nav Bar.