Caring for Ourselves and Our Colleagues

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Welcome to Caring For Ourselves and Our Colleagues, a Doctors’ Health SA (DHSA) on-line education module that aims to explore the physical and mental health of urban and rural doctors and medical students. The module aims to increase awareness of the importance of prevention and professional medical care along the career continuum, the barriers to care and how to reduce them, those factors that impact upon the health of the medical profession, warning signs for illness in colleagues, work-related stress and the impact of unhealthy workplaces on the health of doctors. The module includes cases which highlight conditions such as burnout, depression and drug use and strategies to manage stress.

The course offers a range of case studies which explore different aspects of the health of doctors and medical students. More case studies are being added over time. The case studies are peer-reviewed.

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Access: via log-in. Access is currently restricted to doctors participating in the special interest DHSA GP Network and the Doctors Health NT GP network.

Doctors’ Health SA is a fully independent not-for-profit doctor-controlled organisation established in 2010 by the medical profession in SA to improve the health of doctors and medical students for the good of the community.

DHSA receives funding from a number of sources including the Country SA PHN as well as the Medical Board of Australia as part of its arms-length support for doctors’ health programs across Australia.

DHSA also administers the Northern Territory Doctors’ Health Program which it established in 2017.

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