ALS Facilitator Recertification Program

A Program for Recertification of currently accredited ALS Facilitators


Please Note; This program is only available to a currently accredited ALS Facilitators. Where accreditation has lapsed completion of the Facilitator Certificate: Clinical Education and Training will be required.

Course Structure

The ALS Facilitator Recertification Program is delivered in three stages comprising:

  • Elective Course Work: A 2 week elective focusing on an area of clinical education. This will be optional during the transition stage (2024 - 2025) and include Teams Based tutorial.

  • Pre-workshop Tutorial: The tutorial will enable feedback to the facilitator in regard to the planning, preparation and program structure for an ALS workshop and discussion of approaches to a range of common challenges to the delivery of a workshop

  • Observed Practice: A series of Work based Assessments providing the opportunity for constructive feedback in the three key areas of procedural skills, clinical simulation and interactive group discussion. The WBAs are undertaken in the setting of an approved skills/simulation workshop by an accredited observer using a structured assessment tool

Phased Introduction of the Program

A transition period will occur during 2024 - 2025 enabling those within the historic 4 year re-accreditation cycle to complete the recertification process. From 2026, ALS facilitators will require re-accreditation every 2 years.

  • During 2024 - 2025 : Re-certification will require satisfactory completion of only two components: the Pre-workshop Tutorial and the Work Based Competency Assessments. The elective course work will be optional for the period 2024 - 2025.

  • From 2026 : Recertification will be required every 2 years (24 months) and include all three components in the program.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the re-accreditation process the learner should be able to demonstrate:

  1. The application of teaching behaviours and attitudes that incorporate adult learning principles and promote learner centred clinical teaching.

  2. The delivery of white board presentations that demonstrate structure, relevance and the engagement of learners.

  3. The teaching procedural skills that take into consideration the environment, time constraints, learners needs and background, equipment and assessment of learning.

  4. The creation of immersive simulation experiences for learners that are realistic, appropriate to the learner's level of skill/knowledge, take account of learner safety and recognise the critical role of debrief in maximising learning and reflection.

  5. Their capacity as self-reflective educators that actively seek to continue to learn, develop their skills and draw on observer feedback to continually develop their teaching practice.

Course Registration

Application Form for ALS Re-accreditation

Course registration covers all three components of the Re accreditation Program: Elective Course work, Pre-workshop Tutorial and Work Based Assessment (undertaken over the course of a single training day)

Course Cost: $660.00 (incl. GST). Registration includes Pre-workshop Tutorial and Work Based Assessment (undertaken over the course of a single day)

Workshop Terms and Conditions: View Terms and Conditions

Further information

Contact: Nikki Murray, LearnEM Program Coordinator