Rural Emergency Skills Program

RDWA Rural Emergency Skills Program (RESP)

Resuscitation training for Rural Practitioners


RDWA Rural Emergency Skills Program

The RDWA RESP Rural GP Program delivers training to resident GPs in rural and remote South Australia. The course is accredited for the procedural grant in emergency medicine and anaesthetics. The program provides 20 hours of training and involves on line (e-­learning) and a 2 day practical skills workshop. Topics include : Resuscitation of the critically ill / injured patient, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Basic and advanced airway management, Options for difficult vascular access, Cervical spine management in trauma, Chest tube insertion, Needle aspiration, Cardiac pacing / Cardioversion, Mechanical Ventilation, Noninvasive ventilation, Team training and leadership. The RDWA RESP program is available to Rural GPs in South Australia and providing Emergency Care.

ACRRM Accredited Course

RACGP Accredited Activity

ACEM Accredited Course

RESP Pre-Learning

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