Plastering Workshop

Workshop: Orthopaedic Plaster Casts / Splints

Application of Upper and Lower Limb Plaster of Paris Splints/Casts


Immobilisation of limb fractures is undertaken to stabilise unstable fractures, provide pain relief and prevent complications (eg bleeding, nerve injury). This skills based workshop provides the opportunity to develop skills in the application of both upper and lower limb splints and casts. The workshop will cover the following topic areas

  • Core Principles for POP splinting: Indications, Preparation, Materials/Equipment, Risks, Discharge advice

  • Upper limb: Volar and Dorsal Backslab

  • Upper Limb: Ulna Gutter and Scaphoid Splint

  • Upper LImb (Full) Cast

  • Lower Limb: Lower limb Backslab, Achilles Tendon (Equinus) Splint

The workshop is suited to Medical officers, Nurses, Paramedics and Students.

Course Date for 2023

Thursday: May 10th 6 - 10 pm

  • Venue: LearnEM Simulation Centre, 47 Manton Street, Hindmarsh

  • Catering: Light snacks will be provided


The workshop is suited to Medical officers, Nurses, Paramedics and Students.

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Facilitators : Mr Jason Walters (NP), Mr Luke Christophis (NP), Dr Peter Stuart

Course Cost: $300 (inc GST).

Course Accreditation:

  • RACGP: Activity number - 468478. Points: 1.5 Educational Activity & 2 Reviewing Performance

  • ACRRM: Activity Number - 29673. Points: To be advised once approved.

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Further information

Contact : Nikki Murray, LearnEM Program Coordinator