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Peter Stuart and the LearnEM Team


A rewarding way to consolidate and build skills in acute care

The EDGE course is an eLearning resource designed to allow medical officers, nurses, paramedics and students to examine a wide range of emergency presentations and develop skills in acute care. The course is delivered in a series of 20 modules (at a cost of $9.90 per module) and explores the following topics : the sick child, acute headache, acute abdominal pain, severe asthma, ECG interpretation, acute poisoning, first trimester bleeding, major trauma, upper and lower limb orthopaedic injuries, blood gas interpretation, eye emergencies, epistaxis, mental health emergencies and acute pain management. For those that want to go even further with their learning, there are 14 Extended EDGE (or eEDGE) courses that allow the learner to dive in deep and explore a topic of their interest. Very exciting !

At the completion of each EDGE module a CPD certificate is awarded that identifies completion of 2 hours of CPD. An "EDGE Course Certificate" is available at the completion of the course confirming 40 hours of Continuing Professional Development.

EDGE : Medical Officers EDGE : Nurses / Nurse Practitioners EDGE : Paramedics